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At Davies Hothem Injury Law, our Gainesville, GA car accident lawyers have the skills, experience, and results necessary to pursue any type of motor vehicle collision, including but not limited to:

Recent Car Accident Results

  • 2 Million Recovered from a Truck Accident in May and June 2022
  • 1.25 Million Recovered from a Motorcycle Accident in November 2022
  • Large Confidential Settlement Recovered for Product Liability Wrongful Death Accident in October 2022
  • Large Confidential Settlement Recovered for Wrongful Death Truck Accident in October 2022

Car accident victims can be left with injuries ranging from chronic pain to catastrophic injury or death. Medical bills lost income and pain and suffering can be overwhelming. In the event a victim dies from injuries in a car accident, there is a claim for Wrongful Death.

It is important to understand the damages the experienced attorneys at Davies Hothem Injury Law will fight to recover for you or your loved one.

Recovering Damages in A Car Accident Case

Davies Hothem Injury Law is here to recover the damages you deserve. Every year, tens of thousands of people are involved in car crashes in Georgia. Car accidents cause a variety of injuries that may require costly imaging (such as CTs and MRIs), physical therapy, procedures such as epidural injections, radiofrequency ablation, and even surgery on the brain or spine. Our Gainesville car accident lawyers are here to help.

Georgia damages are divided into two categories, general and special. General or non-economic damages are presumed to flow from the negligent act and include physical and mental pain and suffering. The amount of damages awarded for pain and suffering is determined by the “enlightened conscience” of a jury.

Special or economic damages are those that actually flows from the tortious act and must be proven by a skilled attorney in order to be recovered. Types of special damages include:

  • Lost wages. Past, present, and future lost income can be recovered if the injury sustained prevents you from working in the same capacity as before the accident.
  • Medical expenses. Past, present, and future medical expenses relating to the injury can be recovered. These include the costs of ambulance and air transport, hospitalizations, outpatient visits, treatments and procedures, diagnostic tests such as X-rays and MRIs, operations, physical and occupational rehabilitation, and prescription medications. Medical equipment such as wheelchairs and prosthetic devices, as well as long-term expenses for around-the-clock care, are also recoverable.
  • Property damage. The fair market value of property damage to your car, home, or belongings can be recovered.
  • Loss of Consortium. Georgia also allows the spouse of an injured party to recover damages to the spousal relationship which resulted in a loss of affection, emotional support, and companionship.

If you or your spouse have sustained injuries due to the fault of someone else, call one of our Gainesville trial lawyers at Davies Hothem Injury Law today.

Trial Experience Matters

Kristy, Jennifer, and Dustin are skilled trial attorneys. In the past 10 years, Kristy, Jennifer, and Dustin have tried over 100 trials and obtained over 150 million in verdicts and settlements for their clients. Hiring an experienced trial attorney at Davies Hothem Injury Law does not mean your case is destined for trial. Hiring an experienced trial attorney, however, will guarantee the insurance company takes you and the value of your claim seriously. Insurance companies know that large firms with no trial experience tend to settle cases for the value determined by the insurance company. At Davies Hothem Injury Law, we will advise settling a claim only when it is in your best interest and for an amount that reflects the true value of your injuries.

Deadline To File A Georgia Car Accident Lawsuit

Personal injury cases must be filed within the applicable statute of limitations. In Georgia, the typical time allowed for a personal injury claim is two years from the date of the accident. There are certain exceptions that shorten the statute of limitations and notice requirements. Contact Davies Hothem Injury Law as soon as possible to preserve your claim.

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Losing a family member or suffering an injury in a car accident can be devastating. You will most certainly encounter overwhelming obstacles during the recovery process. It will be a difficult time for you physically, emotionally, and financially. If a negligent, careless, or reckless driver is to blame for your injury or the death of a loved one, you need the fierce, compassionate representation of an attorney at Davies Hothem Injury Law to represent you. Davies Hothem Injury Law will not rest until you have received the compensation you deserve. Reach out to our Gainesville car accident lawyers today at (678) 780-7817, or fill out our convenient online form.