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Gainesville victim of crimes attorneysYou deserve justice if you have been the victim of a crime in Gainesville or anywhere else in Georgia. In Gainesville, you might be the victim of a shooting, robbery, kidnapping, or other violent attacks at any time. Your life, including your relationships, family, and work, has most likely changed drastically. You could be permanently disabled depending on the severity of the injuries.

Although you deserve the chance to rebuild your life, insurance companies and their inability to pay claims for damages can cause you to be victimized again.

At Davies Hothem Injury Law, our Gainesville GA Victims of Crimes Lawyer knows how to help victims navigate the complexities of Georgia’s legal system while also defending their rights and best interests.

Victims of Crimes Cases We Handle throughout Georgia

We are ardent supporters of crime victims’ rights in Georgia and around the country. We serve people who have been victims of a variety of crimes and wrongdoings, including:

  • Police abuse: Bad cops that use unnecessary force have no place in law enforcement.
  • Assault and battery: Inadequate protection often leads to robberies, assaults, and stabbings.
  • Towers and apartment buildings: Landlords must have a secure entrance, lighting, and other security measures to keep tenants and visitors safe. There could be grounds for a lawsuit against the landlord if the landlord is aware of a history of violent crime on or near the property and fails to provide sufficient protection.
  • Hotels and restaurants: These businesses are required by law to protect their visitors by controlling and protecting their premises. A lawsuit against the owner and/or property management firm can result from a failure to take reasonable measures to discourage or prevent criminal activity.
  • Assaults in parking lots: Offenders can be attracted to a dark parking lot.
  • Nightclubs/Bars: Violent crimes are common inside and immediately outside nightclubs and bars, resulting in serious injury to the victim or innocent bystanders. In certain cases, the owner is aware of a long history of illegal activity at a particular establishment. The owner or operator may be liable to the victim if they were aware of previous incidents of violent crime and failed to take reasonable steps to ensure patrons’ safety.

In addition to providing aggressive representation to victims of these and other crimes, we use our knowledge of the criminal justice system to assist victims in locating additional support to help them deal with their physical and emotional injuries. This involves assisting our clients in obtaining eligibility for the Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Program (GCVCP), which provides monetary compensation to crime victims.

If the violent crime occurs on private property, business owners and/or property management agencies could be held responsible for failing to ensure appropriate safety and security measures were in place, which may have avoided the incident, depending on the circumstances. If they knew or should have known there were safety and/or security problems at the property before the incident, property owners and administrators have a legal duty to protect people from illegal activity on their premises.

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Cases involving crime victims are complex and complicated. Businesses and property owners are often quick to point the finger at the victims of the crimes. Simply put, they would go to any length to avoid accounting for the harm they have caused as a result of their negligence. That is why you must hire seasoned lawyers who have shown their ability to successfully defend crime victims.

If you or a loved one was hurt or killed as a result of a violent crime, you might be entitled to compensation from the property owner or other third parties for your injury and pain and suffering. The Gainesville GA Victims of Crimes Attorney at Davies Hothem Injury Law has a track record of successfully defending crime victims in these cases in Gainesville and throughout Georgia. Contact us right away and we can walk you through your case.